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Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendor Terms & Conditions


ProCommerce is a product owned by the company Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd which is based in Pune city. All rights, policies regarding ProCommerce will be drafted and can be edited by Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd at anytime.

Vendor cannot use any branding material under their company name/letterhead or ownership.

Procezio will incorporate vendor logo on Procommerce website.

Job as a vendor:

Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd expects vendors to sell ProCommerce on a monthly subscription basis. All sales material such as website/PPT/social media images will be provided by Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd to the vendor for first 2 months. Vendor can design their own images and based on Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd approval to use it on whatsapp, facebook, linkedin & Instagram for promotion.

A monthly target of minimum 5 subscriptions is what we eye at the beginning.

Subscription money recovery will be responsibility of vendor. Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd. may connect with client in case of non-payment.

Vendor Commission:

Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd offers 10% commission to all vendors who bring upto 5 new subscriptions every month. If a vendor achieves more than 5 new subscriptions in a particular month then commission for those subscriptions shall rise up to 15% on every subscription above the 5th subscription.

Payment Terms:

All commissions for the previous month will be transferred to the vendor on the 10th of every month.

Commission to the vendor is payable only if the customer pays the fees in time & does not cancel the subscription.

Vendorship Discontinuation:

If a vendor wants to stop working, then 1-month notice is necessary so that Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd can arrange for the dues & pay the vendor accordingly. Failing this will cause a delay in all the remaining payments being settled after 60 days since the vendor has stopped working.